Workshop Format


Interactive topics on the agenda are indicated by an asterisk (*),


Each topic in the interactive sessions is linked to a topic page. The topic page for the Soil Properties topic is shown below.

There are 4 links on each topic page, in addition to a link to information about the person responsible for the topic.

The first link is to a presentation related to the topic, either a video or a narrated PowerPoint slide set. Each slide comes with notes, and an audio recording of the notes, to facilitate self-paced learning. Participants are required to go through these presentations before the workshop. Questions, comments, or both, can be emailed to the person presenting the topic.     


The actual workshop sessions will be dedicated to going through examples related to each topic. The second link on the topic page is to a slide set with numbered step-by-step instructions for going through the examples:

The third link contain data and/or applications required to work the examples:


Participants are encouraged to go through the examples beforehand, and, if possible, to try the examples with other data sets. During the workshop, the presenter will go through the example at a reasonably slow pace. Participants can work along with the presenter on their own computers. Questions can be posted to the chat room during the workshop session. In addition to the presenter, there will be a second person scanning the chat room, answering questions, and passing information on to the presenter if necessary.


Finally, the fourth link is to an evaluation form for the topic. This link will also allow those requiring Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) Continuing Education Credits to document their attendance. It will only be accessible for a brief period near the end of the session. These credits must be logged virtually using the CCA app so please make sure to have that app handy (download instructions here: ). There will be no physical sign in for CCA credits as there would be at a physical face-to-face meeting.




Getting started in Zoom: Click on the provided Zoom link.


If you have trouble hearing, make sure you select the correct speaker by clicking the up caret (^) by the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen. Attendees will be muted by default. Double check your speaker’s volume if you can’t hear.

You do not need to have your webcam on. If you have internet band-width issues, turn your camera off.




Provide your name by clicking the three horizontal dots that appear in the upper right corner of your picture window. Click “Rename” if your name doesn’t appear.


Chat questions into the chat box which appears at the right of the screen when you click the “Chat” icon at the bottom of the screen.

You can also enter a reaction like clapping or a thumbs up.